Humber Security Services are a local security company in Yorkshire that prides itself on its customer service and can do attitude.

We are a premium provider of security services within the Yorkshire region for clients that want the best in service, technology and innovative solutions to manage the security and safety of their sites, assets and staff.

Our main shareholders are keen to make the security company profitable but this must be built on a sound customer base and with strong core values, profit is not their primary concern the overall quality of the product is what drives the business to grow and growth can only be achieved with strong client retention.

Our security clients are usually small to medium sizes businesses but we have recently made a name for offering a no nonsense approach to larger clients who have become disillusioned with their current larger providers and are looking for a better level of security service and value for money.

Our CCTV installation and monitoring services use the best available technology and are inclusive and cost effective and our alarm installation is provided to high standards again using the best technology either wired or wire free.

Our man guarding services all include specific client assignment instructions and ensure that all aspects of the business are covered and this is regularly reviewed in order to ensure that we react to changes to the business and also the geography.

SIA ACS Approved Contractor SIA ACS Approved Contractor


A Local Company

Humber Security Services are a local company based in Yorkshire with plenty of local knowledge.

A Complete Solution

Total coverage of your site with CCTV, Alarms, Access Control and Manned Guards.

Over 30 Years Experience

Professional service with over 30 years security experience across all aspects of security.

Humber Security Services ensure that we do not sell services that a customer does not need or want. We ensure that the package of services that is offered to clients is relevant but never excessive, ensuring that the client obtains the best possible value for their spend of capital.

We pride ourselves on being a can do provider to sites and clients that have found themselves without services due to geography, difficulty of services or amount of work that would be required to secure their site, in this sense we pride ourselves on not placing barriers in the way of the provision of services to sites.

As an employer we strive to ensure that our staff are supported and nurtured to grow and develop within the workplace. Providing a safe and secure working environment free from prejudice and bullying. Our staff are correctly remunerated for their role and we offer no zero hour staff contracts.

Staff are encouraged to contribute to the systems and procedures in place and are actively encouraged through an open door policy to speak their minds and bring their ideas, we are realistic enough to understand that a fresh set of eyes is sometimes more effective than pushing down the same path.

We hope that by being approachable, inclusive and professional with excellent customer service that we can challenge the ideals of the security industry and the public’s perception of security. We wish to be a positive case study for how a security company can operate and we will do this by supporting our staff, supporting our customers and offering a fair and inclusive service that provides excellent value for money.

Humber Security Services are raising standards in the security industry for the benefit of our customers, our staff, our directors and the general public.


All of our CCTV controllers are SIA registered, highly trained individuals, motivated to keep your sites and homes safe and secure.

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